Rib-Eye Steak (450g)

Rib-Eye Steak (450g)

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An old classic and personal favourite, rib eye comes from a cow's fore rib section. It has a wonderful rich flavour and is very tender because there are pockets of fat in the steak. Best enjoyed medium rare to medium.

The youthful trendy eater's steak. It is marbled with a central piece of fat and, because of that, is very tasty.

Pack of 2 x 8oz Steaks.

Cooking Tip

When cooking make sure the surface is really hot. If you insist on eating steak medium or well done (not recommended), sear it and then reduce the heat so you can cook it for longer without making the outside leathery. Be very careful when cooking rib eye steaks. Make sure you are cooking on a red hot surface and leave it to rest a bit longer than other steaks.

Aged 15-28 Days Minimum

Hand Slaughtered Without Stun

Mostly Grass Fed

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