Organic Duck

Organic Duck

Guide: 2.3kg/each


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This item is only available between 20 December 2018 and 25 December 2018.

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Soil Association Certified Organic, no chemicals, steroids, antibiotics or GM ingredients fed to these birds.

A whole bird with giblets ready for the oven or for stuffing.

Approximate weight 1.8 to 2.3kg

Storing your Duck:

If you want your Duck to be best and not to spoil you can either clear out a big area on the bottom shelf of your fridge or freeze the Duck and defrost the day before you want to eat it. I recommend the first option for best results.

When in the fridge the Duck needs to be out of the bag and air must circulate around it. I've made the mistake of allowing it to sit directly on the glass and this affected the flavour dramatically. There must be a gap between the meat and the fridge. Best done with a baking rack.

Certified Organic

Hand Slaughtered with Non Lethal Stun

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