Organic Beef Mince (500g)

Organic Beef Mince (500g)




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Beautiful Shorthorn Aberdeen Angus x beef from our friends at Cwrt Henllys Farm in Cwmbran South Wales. This beef is grass finished, antibiotic free, gm feed free, clean as you can get! We cant say anything about nutrition due to legislation and trading standards but those of you who know about grass finished beef know the score! Very popular with Cross-fit practitioners and many top athletes, Paleo and Ancestral Health enthusiasts. Best beef around for miles!!!

This is rare and very hard to get hold of in the halal market. Stock up while you can as we aren't sure if we'll get this again anytime soon!

Organic Beef mince - Pure and Simple. Impress your family with this very economical, versatile and delicious mince. Choose from winning recipes such as lasagne, shepherds pie, bolognaise, meatballs, burgers and a lot more! A little known fact is that Beef Mince can be used for almost all Asian/Indian dishes that require a lamb mince. Impress your families and loved ones with a delicious Beef Keema and anything else you culinary geniuses can come up with!

Pack Weight: 500g

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