Certified Organic Whole Lamb Hamper

Certified Organic Whole Lamb Hamper

Guide: 18kg/each


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This item is only available from 08 December 2018.

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Premium Certified Organic Whole Lamb Hamper

Fresh young Premium Certified Organic spring lamb, absolutely the very best of British lamb. Everything is cut to your specifications and vacuum sealed in 500-1kg bags to keep fresh longer and also great to freeze and take out manageable portions.

No liver & heart is included.

When ordering please specify how you would like us to process your lamb.

The weight of the whole carcass is between 18-20Kg however the weight of meat you receive will depend on how you have the carcass cut; for example if your have cuts that involve removing a lot of bone, such as mince, or diced boneless chunks, then the weight will be considerably less than the original carcass weight. All cutting will require some loss of weight such as having fat removed. Please bare this in mind when ordering.

Certified Organic

Grass Finished

Guaranteed Non GMO Feed

Hand Slaughtered Without Stun

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